Narrow Aisle Forklift Hire

Transporting and storing goods, especially heavier items, often requires the assistance of capital equipment like pallet jacks and forklifts. These vehicles can help ensure that moving goods around takes place safely and efficiently. However, for many individuals and business owners, need for this type of equipment is irregular, or only happens at certain points of the year, such as in the high season when demand increases.

To this end, a number of companies across the United Kingdom provide hiring services for a wide variety of machines, ranging from basic three or four-way lifts to narrow aisle forklifts. With branches in many cities across the country, these forklift hire companies are helping to meet customers’ needs.

Hiring a Forklift has a number of benefits

  • First, it allows customers to ensure they get the right machine for the job—for example, hiring companies can provide vehicles that work on rough terrain, or in narrow aisles and close confines.
  • Second, it represents a more cost effective option especially for small business owners, who may not wish to take on the financial burden of purchasing and up-keeping their own machine.
  • Third, oftentimes hiring companies will provide the option of hiring a certified operator for the vehicle being hired. The training and experience these operators’ posses can help ensure not only that jobs are done efficiently, but also with the maximum safety both for the goods being moved and staff involved.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts represent a specific type of vehicle which has been designed for use in storage areas where space is at a premium. These lifts are typically very agile with a tight turning radius and excellent manoeuvrability.

Some of this agility comes at the expense of lifting power; however, most narrow aisle forklifts are still capable of moving loads of between 2000 kg and 3000 kg. While other models of lifts are often gas or diesel powered, narrow aisle forklifts are typically electric powered.

The electric motor has a number of benefits in this context. First and most importantly, electric motors are typically more compact than bulky gas or diesel motors, allowing the machine to operate in closer quarters.

Additionally, electric motors are often less expensive than other motor types, especially with prolonged use, as the operators has only to plug in and recharge the vehicle rather than filling it up with fuel.

Finally, electric motors are more environmentally friendly, both from the perspective of not using fossil fuels as well as not producing any exhaust which can be breathed in by the operator or staff. This is especially important for narrow spaces, where fumes can easily become trapped and affect air quality.

Costs of hiring Forklifts

Depending on the make and model of the lift a customer desires, pricing may vary, but usually does not exceed £100 pounds a day, with some companies offering daily rates as low as £50. It is important to remember however that companies will often charge additional rates for delivery and pickup of equipment, as well as if the services of an operator are desired.

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Narrow Aisle Forklift Hire

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