Types of Forklifts

Whether moving oddly shaped objects or lifting pallets filled with boxes, there is a proper forklift available for any job. Most forklift hire companies offer several types of forklifts for hire. Based upon how much weight will be lifted, the size of the object and the area in which the object is located, forklifts can be helpful pieces of machinery. Because of the varied types of forklifts, any job, whether indoor or outdoor, is possible. Depending on your job, you can choose between electric forklifts or internal combustion forklifts. There are also specialty forklifts for small spaces and rough terrain. No matter the issue that you are facing, there is definitely a forklift appropriate for you.

For indoor use, an electric forklift is the best option. These types of forklifts have low operating costs and are definitely the best choice for major lifting. They are versatile and capable of handling various sizes and weights. There is also a narrow aisle version of this type of forklift. If your warehouse or distribution centre is small, a narrow aisle forklift can get the job done. Although their lifting capacity may be slightly less, they are still capable of accomplishing important lifting tasks.

For outdoor use, internal combustion forklifts are the types of forklifts that will get the job done. They generally have easy refuelling capabilities and more power. Among internal combustion forklifts you can also specify that you need a rough terrain forklift. These tough machines can operate on uneven ground, and they provide the power necessary for major outdoor lifting. Because there are so many types of forklifts, there is easily one to fit any need. Truck mounted forklifts also have the strength and capability. Some forklifts are versatile enough to complete many jobs, but in today’s industry there is easily a specialty forklift to fit your needs.

Along with different types of forklifts, there are different options for forklift accessories. No matter what equipment you are handling, there is easily a forklift accessory for every situation. There are drum handlers specifically designed to handle drums full of liquid. Often times it is important to keep the drums upright. These special attachments make that possible. Carpet poles are also specialty attachments that make hauling enormous roles of carpet easier and safer. Since there are so many types of forklifts and different types of attachments, there is a solution for any lifting problem.

The various types of forklifts and all of the assorted attachments really make lifting, moving, and hauling jobs possible. Because of new technology, balancing devices, and smaller sizes, the crane industry is continuing to advance. New types of forklifts with amazing new features are keeping consumers happy. The forklift hire industry is now capable of providing any type of forklift for any necessary job. Unusual objects or awkwardly shaped machines can effortlessly be hauled wherever necessary. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, small spaces or rough terrain, there is definitely a forklift right for the job. Consider hiring a forklift for any lifting needs.

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