Electric Forklift Hire

In the past twenty years many forklift hire companies have been springing up around the country to provide individuals and other companies with all their forklift requirements. The most popular range of forklifts to hire are the electric machines. They are usually used around the warehouse and most handle incredibly well and are able to operate in confined spaces with ease.

These kind of forklifts can be hired in a variety of different ways, so if you need one for a short period or a lengthy amount of time, there is a package that will be best for you:
  • Daily rental which is best for companies who need the forklift a handful of times a year
  • Monthly payments which ensure the company can get a forklift any time they need it
  • Long term rentals for people who need to use the forklift everyday

Benefits of Hiring Electric Forklifts

The are plenty of benefits in hiring an electric powered machine over other types of forklifts:
  • They don't produce much of a noise, meaning the sound in the warehouse will be kept low.
  • Using electricity makes them cheaper to run, as the user simply needs to recharge the battery, rather than pay for petrol or gas.
  • Many businesses are also turning to these machines because they are environmentally friendly.
  • The health of the employee is also protected because electric forklifts don't produce harmful fumes which people can breath in.
The vehicles will be properly serviced, and if it is faulty then a replacement will be sent out at the first available opportunity.

Types of Electric Forklifts

There are various types of electric powered machines which can do the work of a diesel powered forklift just as well. They are:
  • Three/Four Wheel Counterbalance are very good machines. They work well in the warehouse and can operate in enclosed spaces. They maneuver well and can lift a moderate amount of weight, usually up to 4000kg.
  • Reachers are designed to lift large amounts of weight to a tall height. They can reach up to 15 metres and can carry about 2000kg. They are good for maximizing the space in a warehouse
  • Narrow Aisle Trucks are impressive in very confined spaces. Once again, they will allow the warehouse to have more rows of storage space since they can fit in tight spaces and operate effectively
  • Stackers can be manually operated but most are operated electrically. They are able to store containers on top of one another and are useful for small sized jobs
  • Order Pickers are specifically designed to be able to take a variety of items of the warehouse shelves in order to prepare them to be delivered to another company.

Cost and Where to Find

The cost of an electric forklift to rent per day is surprisingly cheap. Many companies go as low as £50 for this service, and long term rentals or paying a fixed fee per month work out to be even cheaper for the daily rate.

There are now companies up and down the UK which provide this service. Most are independent companies which rent out the machines to businesses in the local area, but companies such as Forklift Hire UK and Barlo World have branches all over the country.

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Electric Forklift Hire

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