Side Loader Forklift Hire

Forklifts can help make moving and storing goods more efficient and safe. They are capable of taking heavy weights and moving them both along the ground as well as up and down from storage spaces.

Forklifts come in a range of different models and types, from simple hand pallet jacks to side loader forklifts. With a variety of companies now offering these vehicles for hire across the United Kingdom, it has become increasingly straightforward to find a lift to meet whatever needs you may have.

Choosing to hire a forklift is a convenient and relatively inexpensive option for many customers. Whether on the shop floor, the warehouse or the construction site, forklifts can make transporting and storing goods simple and efficient.

Hiring represents an attractive option for many customers who are unlikely to require regular use of forklifts beyond peak season or occasional and specific jobs. Aside from being much less expensive, many companies also offer the option of hiring a trained lift operator along with the vehicle, which is useful where customers have little or no previous experience driving a lift.

Forklift types and uses

Most hiring companies will have a variety of different machines available for hire, designed for different specific uses. These can range from simple hand pallet type machines for transporting goods along the ground, to three/four way lifts or reachers which are designed to help move goods up and down between the ground and higher storage spaces.

Some forklifts are specially designed for unusual or extreme conditions of use, such as rough terrain forklifts (which have large tractor – type wheels for uneven ground) or explosion proof forklifts (typically used for transporting hazardous or flammable materials).

Forklifts can be un-powered (simple pallet jacks), or can be use gas, diesel or electric motors.

Side loader forklifts are specific types of lifts which have forks and lifting platforms attached to the side of the vehicle as opposed to the front or the back. These types of lifts are useful for two reasons.
  • First, they are capable of transporting very heavy loads, sometimes as much as 4000 kg—this is due to the way they are counter-balanced.
  • Additionally, these lifts are ideally suited for transporting longer items or goods that extend in front of and behind the lift.
  • As such, side loaders are commonly used in a variety of heavier industries such as steel, timbre, automotive and textiles.

Cost of forklift hire and where to find them

Hiring a forklift is surprisingly inexpensive. Prices will differ depending on the type desired and the company being used, but typically should not exceed £100 per day – with some companies providing vehicles for as low as £50.

Should customers wish to retain the services of a certified operator, most companies will charge an additional fee. It’s also usually possible to negotiate rates for longer periods of use, such as weekly or monthly.

Finally, many companies will also chare a delivery/pickup fee for the forklift, so it’s a good idea to find a company relatively close to the job site. A simple internet search is a great place to start looking for hiring companies and to compare prices for different vehicles.

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Side Loader Forklift Hire

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