Fork Lift Hire

Hiring a Forklift can be a very good idea for a company who doesn't need to use the forklift so much. Investing in one wouldn't make sense due the cost versus how much it will get used, so renting one instead is more economical. In this sense, the amount of money you pay will reflect the frequency of use.

There doesn't have to be someone at your company either who can operate the forklift. The hire company is able to provide a certified driver who can operate the vehicle and take on any kind of task. The forklift hire company will also provide you with a machine at the first available opportunity. Therefore, if your own truck breaks down in the middle of the day, one can be sent out to you as soon as possible and this way your working schedule shouldn't be too affected.

Forklift renters will also be able to call upon the hire company to come and fix the rental truck whenever there is a problem. Usually someone will be sent out immediately who can get the machine up and running in no time at all.

There are also a variety of different options for those renting a forklift:
  • Renting by the day, which is ideal for those who use such a vehicle very infrequently
  • Renting over a long period of time, which suits the company who uses the forklift on a daily basis
  • Paying a monthly payment, which allows the company to have a truck sent out anytime they wish (255)

Type of Forklift

Nowadays there are so many different types of forklift on the market it can make choosing the right one for your business an overwhelming decision. Hire companies are on hand to come and evaluate what your forklift requirements are, by analyzing the size of your warehouse, the kind of work you need to be doing and the amount you intend to lift at one time. From there they can take an informed decision on your best forklift option.

The different truck models are:
  • Three/Four Wheel Counterbalance which lifts up to 4000kg and has a reach of 6 metres
  • Diesel/Gas Machines, which tend to be more powerful but as a result lose some of their maneuverability. They also tend to make more noise than their electric counterparts
  • Reachers, which are specifically used in warehouses which want to make the most of their space. They can lift objects up to a height of 15 metres
  • Rough Terrain Vehicles are ideal for outside use. Their design is based on the same design as a tractor with the lifting mechanism at the back of the truck, which enables them to remain sturdy and balanced on uneven ground
  • Stackers which are an excellent machine for stacking objects on top of one another
  • Narrow Aisle Forklifts which are impressive in confined spaces
  • Power Stackers which are hand operated and therefore don't require any fuel. They are on the small side and can only muster 1000kg a lift

Where to Find Them?

There are companies throughout the UK which offer this kind of service. Forklifts Hire UK or Barlo World are two companies located throughout the country, but there are also many companies that operate on a local basis. The usual daily rate for hiring such a vehicle is between £70 and £90 per day.

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Fork Lift Hire

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